The Ultimate Guide To Popular Bulldog Breeds

Popular Bulldog Breeds - Two English Bulldogs Sitting

Are you in love with Bulldogs? Yeah? High-five. So am I. How could someone not love these adorable dogs?

About Bulldogs

Bulldogs are often known as dogs with short snouts and flat faces. Their physical characteristics are indeed unique, but their personalities are lovable. Their people-oriented personalities coupled with sweet temper make them the perfect pet. 

They are courageous and alert. That’s why they can act as your guard too. They will be aloof to strangers no matter how calm they are with you. 

36 Popular Bulldog Breeds

You should learn about different breeds of Bulldogs if you want to get one as your companionable family pet. The more knowledge you have, the better you will choose which breed would suit you and your lifestyle most. 

Let’s take a look at 36 Bulldog breeds that will probably interest you.

1. Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog

Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog

Do you think if this breed has blue blood? Lol, no, it doesn’t. Though if that were the case, that would be pretty fascinating. They are called blue-blood dogs as they are said to represent a noble breed. 

This breed of Bulldogs makes perfect watchdogs as they are not only alert but cautiously protective of their owner. They won’t shy away from putting their life at risk just to save yours. Heart-warming, huh?

They are athletic and active. Hence, they need a lot of physical exercise. Just make sure your Alapaha Bulldog gets to exert its energy in activities so it doesn’t result in frustration.

2. American Bull Dogue de Bordeaux

This type of Bulldog’s parent breed is Dogue de Bordeaux. Their original task was to drive cattle and work as guard dogs. 

These Bulldogs tend to be friendly with children if they are trained well at an early age. However, they can be aggressive towards other dogs or even other pets. You should be careful and never leave them unsupervised with other animals. 

These calm dogs can snore and drool a lot. Just giving you a heads up, LOL. 

3. American Bulldog 

American Bulldog

This breed of Bulldogs evolved from its English counterparts. Interestingly, they are bigger and stronger than their ancestors. 

  • Some highlights of the personality of American Bulldogs are loyalty, confidence, and friendly nature

They are highly protective and also love kids. They are usually pretty affectionate and love to act as cute yet oversized lapdogs. Their activeness requires early socialization and training, so they don’t become aggressive over time. 

You don’t want your bulldog to be high-strung or uncontrollable, right? Then invest your time in engaging your four-legged friend in physical and mental exercise. 

Oh, by the way, American Bulldogs slobber and drool a lot. I hope you are ready for it.

4. American Bully

This breed is a fairly recent one, originated in the 1990s in the United States to obtain a family-friendly companion. American Bully is mainly a cross between American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pit Bull Terrier. 

This breed is laid-back and can act like lap dogs as well. American Bullies are loyal to their pack and will go the extra mile to please their owners. 

When the need is, they can be courageous fighters and protectors. They also have a very high pain tolerance.

5. American French Bulldog

A cross between American Bulldog and French Bulldog, this breed first existed in the 1990s. 

These dogs need a lot of exercises, as they are highly active. They are also very friendly with kids, so they make a great family pet. 

American French Bulldogs are also protective of their owners and loyal to them. They are generally social animals.

6. Amitola Bulldog 

Amitola Bulldog

Did you know that Amitola is of native American origin and means ‘rainbow’? This breed of Bulldogs is called Amitola as it comes in a wide range of colors. 

  • Amitola Bulldogs are known for their playfulness, intelligence, and calm nature.  

Though possessing natural guardian instincts, they aren’t the ideal watchdogs. They are loyal, affectionate playmates who are easy to train. They suit well with other pets. 

Amitola Bulldogs don’t require vigorous exercise. A daily walk or so can be enough for their cute little bodies. This type of Bulldog is the right choice for you if you are looking for a low-maintenance dog that loves cuddles. 

7. Australian Bulldog

Australian Bulldog

Are you in quest of your ideal companion for beach trips? An Australian Bulldog is what you need. This breed loves to play and swim in the water. 

  • A few of the noticeable qualities of Australian Bulldogs are intelligence, fun-loving, and sociable nature.

Their alertness allows them to act as a watchdog, but they aren’t the right fit for a guard dog. Exercise is essential for Australian Bulldogs. You can take yours for a walk or play frisbee with it. 

This breed is easy-going and adaptable. They can make their selves feel at home, be it in your apartment or farm. You will usually find an Australian Bulldog to be laid-back and relaxed at home.  

8. Brazilian Bulldog (Buldogue Campeiro)

Brazilian Bulldog (Buldogue Campeiro)

This is one of the rarest dog breeds in the world. Buldogue Campeiro translates to ‘rural bulldog.’ This breed got this name as they were bred to work with cattle in rough terrain and extreme weather. 

  • Brazilian Bulldogs are known for their bravery, strength, and agility.

These Bulldogs are submissive towards their owners and other dogs in their pack. However, they tend to be alert and even aggressive to strangers.

Brazilian Bulldogs are obedient and quick learners. They can be trained to take commands, as that was what they did while working with shepherds. By keeping a Brazilian Bulldog, you can enjoy the company of a loving dog that listens to you.

9. Bullmastiff


Do you want a reliable guard dog? Bullmastiff is the one you need. This breed is specifically developed for protection. 

  • Bullmastiffs’ outstanding qualities are their courage, devotion, and loving nature

Their physical characteristics and training make them exceptional hunters who can track down intruders. They are dogs one should never mess with. 

Bullmastiffs are calm and gentle at home, so you don’t have anything to worry about. Their intelligence makes it easier for them to know when to be loving and when to be fierce.

10. Ca de Bou

Ca de Bou

Though one of the quietest dogs you will ever encounter, Ca de Bou can be an efficient watchdog. Their muscular and large bodies bring the element of intimidation that is a must for a guardian dog. 

  • Ca de Bou is widely known for its bravery, quietness, and intelligence

This breed of Bulldogs needs a patient owner who can handle their dominant personalities. They should be trained early, so they learn obedience and socialization. 

However, Ca de Bou doesn’t trust strangers and can be pretty fearless when they contact any person they sense danger from. They will seek guidance from you. They expect you to guide them just like other guard dogs do.

11. Campeiro Bulldog

Campeiro Bulldog

This is yet another Brazilian Bulldog breed. In the past, they were in high demand as cattle and guard dogs. 

  • Some qualities of Campeiro Bulldogs are loyalty, energetic nature, and protectiveness

Do you know what I love the most about this breed? They are exceptionally devoted to their owners. They won’t think twice before going out of the way to make their owners happy. This is regardless of how hard they have to work for that. 

Campeiro Bulldogs are attentive and intelligent. No wonder they are so good with children. They enjoy the energy in kids. However, you need to train and socialize them, just like other breeds.  

12. Catahoula Bulldog

Catahoula Bulldog

This is a cross between American Bulldog and Catahoula Leopard Dog. They have become increasingly popular over time. 

  • Qualities of Catahoula worth mentioning are energy, agility, and affection

There is no doubt that Catahoula Bulldogs appear to be laid back and calm. However, they can be pretty fierce if need be. They aren’t very comfortable with strangers, so stay cautious when they are introduced to new people. 

Regular exercise is essential for this breed to prevent these dogs from being uncontrollable. Interestingly, Catahoula Bulldogs are believed to get along better with the older kids at home.

13. Colorado Bulldog

Colorado Bulldog

The purest and most recent version of this breed dates back to the 1990s. They are friendly-faced dogs that will steal your heart instantly. 

  • A few known qualities of Colorado Bulldogs are their composed temperament, adaptability, and alertness

Colorado Bulldogs may look stubborn, but hey, looks can be deceiving, right? This breed is a perfect choice for a watchdog. They also have strong muscles to help them in guarding their owner or property. They are some of the easiest dogs to train. 

If you have some knowledge of bulldogs, you probably know that they have respiratory problems. One of the key advantages Colorado Bulldogs have over their counterparts is that they don’t face respiratory problems.

14. Continental Bulldog

Continental Bulldog

This breed hails from Switzerland and is also known as “Conti.” These were developed to be healthier versions of Bulldogs. 

  • Qualities of Continental Bulldogs include friendliness, attentiveness, and confidence

Their attentive nature makes it easy for them to read human emotions. They will be by your side no matter what. You will like how they comfort you in sadness and how they get excited when you are happy. 

Continental Bulldogs have mild temperaments, neither too aggressive nor too shy. Their energy requires constant physical exercise. In short, they are all-around ideal pets.

15. Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldogge

This type of Bulldog hails from the United Kingdom. This was selectively bred for being strong athletic family companions. 

  • Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldogge is confident, intelligent, and eager-to-please

It is straightforward to groom this breed since their coat is very short. These bulldogs require at least 45 minutes of exercise daily. 

Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldogge bonds with their family and are not aggressive if not triggered. Their size is huge, so they may not be a perfect fit for being near toddlers.

16. English Bulldog

English Bulldog

This is what started it all. These dogs were first developed in England way back in the 13th century. They were primarily used for bull-baiting, a blood sport that has now been banned for good. 

  • The common qualities of English Bulldogs are docility, friendliness, and out-going nature

Once bull-baiting was banned, this breed was bred for gentle temperament. The dogs that were so ferocious before are docile and calm pets now. Their outgoing nature makes them enjoy being the center of attention. 

However, they still retain their courageousness. Hence, it is advised to properly and timely train your English Bulldog not to pose any threat to you or your children. Also, this breed loves to live in a temperate climate.

17. French Bulldog

French Bulldog

Also known as “Frenchie,” this breed has a comical mindset. They don’t bark loudly, and in fact, even get along with strangers. That’s why don’t choose them as a watchdog. LOL. 

  • Some notable qualities of French Bulldogs are smartness, adaptability, and fun-loving nature

They aren’t as intimidating as the other Bulldog breed. That’s because they were bred down in size. Their bat-like ears are unique and make Frenchies stand out from other breeds. 

The cheerful attitude of French Bulldogs is the main reason why millions of people love having a Frenchie at home. They are also some of the most adaptable breeds ever. They love to occupy their owner’s lap and lounge around with them. 

18. Italian Bulldog (Cane Corso)

Italian Bulldog (Cane Corso)

A descendant of the Roman war dog, this type of dog originates from Italy. It was bred to be a hunter, watchdog, and worker at the farm. 

  • Italian Bulldogs are mostly social, very active, and are conveniently trained by experienced owners. 

These Bulldogs need early training to socialize with other dogs, pets, and children. However, they do have a high prey drive. Keep this in mind and try not to leave them alone with other pets.

They are not easily approachable by strangers and can act out if they sense danger. 

19. Irish Bulldog

Irish Bulldog

You might not have heard about this breed of bulldogs, right? It’s okay. Irish Bulldogs are hardly known outside Ireland. Their motto is play, work, and love. 

  • A few highlights of the personality of Irish Bulldogs are courage, obedience, and affection

These need firm training, so they are well-behaved. However, Irish Bulldogs are amazing with children. They are gentle, calm, and patient. Some owners say that these dogs are even comfortable with strangers and are excited to meet new people.

To prevent hyperactivity from your dog, make sure it is getting sufficient exercise. Their strong muscular bodies require extensive activity.  

20. Leavitt Bulldog

Do you know what this breed was originally called? Olde English Bulldogge. This is a selectively bred type of Bulldogs. 

  • A few qualities of Leavitt Bulldogs that are worth mentioning are their friendliness, fearlessness, and protective nature

They are calm around family but display utter courage to anyone who appears to be a threat to them or their owners. 

Leavitt Bulldogs are so keen to please their owner that they may exert extra energy. You should engage them in activities that require their energy.

21. Mallorquin Bulldog

Mallorquin Bulldog

This breed was originated in Spain. It’s not known to carry any hereditary health issues. Their physical characteristics make them herding or guarding dogs. 

  • Some qualities of Mallorquin Bulldogs are courage, independence, and strong-willed nature

This type of bulldog was famous in dogfighting. After the ban on such sports, the breeders bred them as companion dogs. Despite their guardian natures, they can suit well in a home with adults. 

Mallorquin Bulldogs can be a little too aggressive for children. Regardless of breeding and training, these dogs retain their fighter instincts. It is advisable to train them firmly to get them at their best behavior.

22. Mammut Bulldog

Mammut Bulldog
Mammut Dog Dog Garden Fence

This is a unique type of Bulldog as they appear more gentle than other breeds. With ears set high and cheekbones pronounced, they can have you in love with them quickly. 

  • A few qualities of Mammut Bulldogs are intelligence, loyalty, and fearlessness

This breed excels in sports and work. Their agility and bold nature allow them to train vigorously and quickly. It has a high pain tolerance—no wonder how they can live in extremely warm or cold weather.

Mammut Bulldogs love to stay close to their owners. However, you need to be determined and adopt a loving approach so your dog doesn’t resent you. These dogs are excellent with kids and make a great overall companion.

23. Minature Australian Bulldog

This breed is a result of a cross between Pug, Australian Bulldog, and a French Bulldog. 

  • Miniature Australian Bulldogs are loving, loyal, and intelligent

These dogs love to have fun. They have a great time playing in the water. Also, they are gentle with children. However, you cannot rely on them for being guard dogs, even if they are good watchdogs. 

Miniature Australian Bulldogs don’t have anger issues. They are calm and seek comfort from their family.

24. Miniature English Bulldog

Miniature English Bulldog

If you are thinking of this breed as literally mini, let me correct you. These dogs weigh a lot, have strong bodies, and look like the typical English Bulldog. The only difference is their size, which is smaller than the parent breed. 

  • Miniature English Bulldogs are known for their extroverted nature, loyalty, and affection

This breed of Bulldogs loves to get attention from their owners. They won’t be happy if they don’t get it. They also get along with kids but act aggressively around unfamiliar dogs.

Miniature English Bulldogs are more like couch potatoes, never wanting to exercise, and pretty stubborn about that. However, daily walks are a must for good health. Oh, and just a heads up, this type of dog snore a lot while sleeping.

25. Olde English Bulldogge

Olde English Bulldogge

This bulldog type was developed in the 1970s to obtain a version of the Bulldogs from the 18th century. Olde English Bulldogge is an athletic dog breed. They possess the physical characteristics of bull-baiting dogs from the past but have a sweet temperament. 

  • A few qualities of English Bulldogge are their brave nature, adaptability, and protectiveness

These dogs will go to any length to protect their owners. They are bold and fearless. Hence, they don’t shy away from acting against an intruder. 

The enthusiastic nature of Olde English Bulldogge should be channeled properly through regular exercise. If they can maintain a dominant personality, you will be left with a destructive Bulldog.

26. Olde Pit Bulldogge

This is a cross between American Pit Bull Terrier and Olde English Bulldogge. 

  • Olde Pit Bulldogge is easy-to-train, loyal, and genuinely fun to keep as a companion. 

These can become excellent watchdogs due to their alert nature and braveness. However, this doesn’t stop them from being absolute sweethearts to their families. 

If you train your Olde Pit Bulldogge early, it won’t have anger or socialization issues. 

27. Olde Victorian Bulldogge

This breed is not purebred but a result of breeding a few Bulldog breeds together. Its breeding started in the late 20th century. 

  • Old Victorian Bulldogge is strong, loyal, and protective

Usually well-behaved if trained properly, these Bulldogs are good with children. They can become strong-willed if they sense weakness in you. 

Just a heads up: Little Olde Victorian Bulldogge tends to chew on anything it finds.

28. Otto Bulldog

Otto Bulldog

This is a Bulldog with a flat, broad head that is similar to other common breeds. These types of Bulldogs are natural guard dogs. 

  • Otto Bulldogs are known for their active, protective, and mindful nature. 

This breed of Bulldogs is very respectful and can be easily trained. It makes an amazing companion who can take care of the owner and kids. 

Otto Bulldogs are inactive indoors and should be exercised regularly out in the open. These athletic dogs need long walks for better health and constructive use of energy.

29. Pakistani Bull Dog (Gull Dong)

Pakistani Bull Dog (Gull Dong)

This is a cross between Pakistani Bull Terriers and Pakistani Mastiffs. Hence, this type possesses the size of the former and the agility of the latter. 

  • Notable qualities of Pakistani Bulldog are loyalty, alertness, and loving nature

This breed is responsible for their jobs, and that’s why it makes good working dogs. They are known for bear hunting, and one Dong can face one bear alone. 

Despite their working nature, they are very loving towards their family and will protect it at all costs. Timely training and socialization will produce peaceful and obedient Pakistani Bull Dogs.

30. Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls

This is a dog that is most feared but most misunderstood as well. While Pit Bull is not a breed itself, it’s an umbrella term for descendants of Bulldogs and Terriers. 

  • Qualities worth-mentioning of Pit Bulls are affection, intelligence, and friendly nature

This type of bulldog is a sweetheart. Testing proved that their temperaments were better than those of other dog breeds. 

Pit Bulls have insane potential in them. The discrimination against them has hindered the nurturing of this ability. They can prove to be remarkable service, therapy, and companion dogs.

31. Red-Tiger Bulldog

Red-Tiger Bulldog

This breed was developed from the red-nosed American Bulldogs. Their neck is imposing, massive, and not elegant. 

  • A few of the qualities of Red-Tiger Bulldogs worth mentioning are trustworthiness, boldness, and intelligence

The confidence in their eyes is enough to scare away any intruder. That’s what makes them efficient watchdogs. They tend to be aggressive to unfamiliar dogs and animals. Early training and socialization are effective in gentle their aggressive traits. However, to be gentle. 

Aggressive corrections can leave them with irreversible physiological damage. Red-Tiger Bulldogs can force you to provide playtime even during training. A short break doesn’t hurt, right?

32. Spanish Bulldog (Alano Español)

Spanish Bulldog (Alano Español)

As the name suggests, this breed of Bulldogs originates from Spain. They served as catch dogs, hunters, and even bullbaiting fighters. 

  • Some notable qualities of Spanish Bulldog are their brave, sociable, and energetic nature

These dogs are pretty social. That’s because they retain their pack-dog mentality as they were bred to hunt in packs. Their energetic bodies require regular exercise for better health. 

Spanish Bulldogs aren’t aggressive, but their sheer size makes early training and socialization the key. They can get a bit too excited when around humans. Hence, they should know how to behave when thrilled.  

33. Titan Bulldogge

Titan Bulldogge

This breed is an authentic creation that hails from the United States. These Bulldogs are all-around working dogs yet a great family companion. 

  • A few common qualities of Titan Bulldogge are protective, outgoing, and loving nature

This type of dog performs excellent guard duties. They are confident and look ready to take action whenever the need arises. They have athletic bodies. 

Titan Bulldogge requires a firm and consistent owner who can train him appropriately. This will prevent any unnecessary aggressive or dominating behavior.

34. Valley Bulldog

Valley Bulldog

Initially popular in Canada, this Bulldog has a grumpy face. Ironically, it has a clownish nature. 

  • Some unique qualities of Valley Bulldogs are playfulness, silly, and loving nature

These dogs have a cheerful vibe that will be enough to brighten your day. They love to play with their owners and crave human interaction. 

Valley Bulldogs need to be exercised but not vigorously. Once you take them for a walk, they will run around themselves. They are also fond of chewing toys.

35. Victorian Bulldog

Victorian Bulldog

The history of this breed dates back to the Victorian era. The recently developed version of these Bulldogs is much healthier than the ancestors.  

  • Victorian Bulldogs are known for their qualities like friendliness, trustworthiness, and loving nature

These are taller than other Bulldogs but not as wide as them. Their loyalty allows them to adjust well with families. They love being cheerful with family members. 

Victorian Bulldogs are not aggressive at all. They are gentle Bulldogs who are cautious around strangers. They will protect their family, though. 

36. White English Bulldog

These dogs were first bred in the 16th and 17th centuries in Northern Florida and Southern Georgia. 

  • A few notable traits of the White English Bulldogs are their loyalty, protectiveness, and active nature

These need space to spend time in activities and exert their energies. Otherwise, they can become frustrated and behave destructively. 

Since White English Bulldogs used to be hunters, they still have that energy in their blood, so if you have a dog of this breed, you will need to give it your time to make sure it does proper physical activity. 


That’s a wrap. Whoo, that was a lot of information about Bulldogs. I am positive that you must have fallen in love with this amazing type of dog by now. 

Almost all breeds of Bulldogs make wonderful pets. You just have to be a loving yet assertive owner and display the right amount of leadership. Remember: Proper human to canine communication is essential.

Still reading? I think it’s about time you adopt a Bulldog. Good luck!

John Kilmerstone

I love dogs and believe that in particular, the bulldog breeds make great family pets and companions. Please visit this website and explore the wonderful world of bulldogs. Discover how to care for and look after this faithful pet and make the most of your valuable time together.

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